oxfordITskills provides a host of IT solutions concentrating in the education, learning and skills sector.

  • Building Web based database systems
  • Web Sites
  • Web based educational research
  • Technology organisation for conferences
  • IT Training

Our goals are to use appealing content and design with simplicity, usability, consistency and style to provide an accessible engaging and desirable end product.

oxfordITskills have specialised in producing Web presented CD-ROMís often paralleling on-line material.

Whilst providing material on-line gives universal access and interactivity, often material is too large to download and not always easily accessible. Creating CD-ROMís have proved a popular solution for quickly disseminating information whether it be a project, conference, annual or quarterly report:

  • Excellent for pre and post conference literature
  • Useful for delivering periodical material
  • Provides digital copy of printed material
  • Simpler copy write issues